1. What is advancepccare all about?

advancepccare is an online computer support company catering to technology-driven needs of millions of computer users all over the world. The organization has outperformed the market over the previous years with its resolution rate of 80% and customer satisfaction rate of 90%.

2. What are the different ways advancepccare can support me?

Search, Suggest & Eradicate viruses, worms and malicious contents which have invaded into your PC.

Scan, Suggest & Update Anti-Virus software and Other PC protection tools.

Analyze & Perform standard PC maintenance & schedule Windows updates/patches.

Bring to End pop-ups, take out adware/spyware and install/configure anti-spyware software.

Provide Support in Back-up processes to prevent Document, Images, data etc. losses, transferring data from one PC to another.

Set up home and small office networks (including wireless networks) - keeping in mind latest security.

Troubleshoot & resolve email and software problems.

Troubleshoot & resolve printer, scanner and peripheral problems.

Set up, configure & provide training on Hardware & Devices via Online Webinars.

Set up & configure protected wireless networks.

Troubleshoot & fix error messages, frozen screens, blue screen errors and a lot more issues faced by you with your PC.

3. Can advancepccare support older computers?

We specialize in legacy systems support and have the required experience & requisite hardware labs to resolve all kinds of queries related to the first generation devices.

Troubleshoot & resolve PCs that run on Windows 95 / 98 / ME operating system.

4. What are the different Plans I can buy?

We offer three types of basic plans. Depending upon your requirement you choose from the following:

Subscription Plans: advancepccare provides options of monthly, quarterly and yearly plans which offers you the choice to contact us at your own convenience and as many times as you want, All you need to do is pick up the plan and we take care of the configurations, set up, basic navigation and resolving the device specific issues on chat, email or phone.

Incidental Plan: advancepccare provides pre defined plans to setup, install, configure, or troubleshoot particular errors. We offer you the freedom to pay only for the support that you want with guaranteed solution. You may choose to call us back, in case the issue reoccurs within the one week as many times.

5. I have a software issue? Do you support software problems?

Our professionals are well versed with the software related scenarios. We support the latest as well as the legacy operating systems. We can assist in resolving the various error messages; provide setup support for operating systems ranging from Windows 98, and Windows me, Windows NT, Windows 2000 to Windows XP.

6. Are advancepccare engineers qualified to work on my computer?

advancepccare Support engineers are experienced & qualified Professionals, Network Administrators and trained on Microsoft Product.

Every advancepccare support engineer has working experience in a Technical help desk environment and has also undergone extensive advancepccare skill based training enabling them to support legacy as well as emerging technologies.

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